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Kansas City Women's Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 165316
Kansas City, MO 64116


How much does it cost to join the Kansas City Women’s Chamber of Commerce? 
The Member Investment Levels are located under the JOIN US tab on the website. A company's investment in the chamber and our community is based on the number of employees involved in the Chamber. For more information, email and a membership development representative will be glad to get back with you.

How do I join the Kansas City Women’s Chamber of Commerce?
Fill out the ‘Become A Member’ form, located under the Membership tab, and a membership development representative will contact you within 24 hours.

How do I get to the Kansas City Women’s Chamber of Commerce?
Currently the Kansas City Women’s Chamber of Commerce is seeking a permanent location. Once that location is secured we will post our physical address on the website. 

How do I find out if a business is a Chamber member?
Please search our online business directory. You may search by business category, keyword, or company name. You may also call the Chamber at 816.701.9890.

Who can be a member?
Membership is available to any business, organization or government entity that wishes to support women in business in Kansas City, and the Chamber’s mission. 

Who in an organization is a member?
All paid representatives listed by the employer can use all of the resources we offer.

How many businesses belong to the Chamber?
We are a new organization, founded in January 2016, and this number is constantly growing.

The number of employees fluctuates throughout the year; do I have to adjust during the year?
If you would like those new employees involved in the Chamber, you can add a representative to any membership at the annual rate of $100 each employee. Your dues are for a full year, so those fees can be prorated or we can wait until renewal to add your additional representatives.

Is membership tax deductible?
On average, 80 percent of the membership dues are deductible as an ordinary business expense. The Kansas City Women’s Chamber of Commerce is a registered 501C(6) organization meaning a portion of every member’s dues is dedicated to lobbying and business advocacy [less than 1%]. Our political advocacy, while not tax deductible, has your business’ finances and overall health behind every action. For the exact percentage that may be deducted in any tax year, please contact our office.

Can I participate in Chamber events and programs if I am not a Chamber Member yet?
Yes. There are nominal fee differences for members versus potential members for most programs and events. Although all are invited to come and participate, after two visits as a potential member, you should be able to determine the value in a membership for your organization.